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We lead teams to be stronger, healthier, and more fulfilling.

Around your breakfast table. Behind the coffee counter. Waiting for you at the office. Serving behind the scenes to make your community safe and sound.

Teams are everywhere.

And while they are the center stage of our culture, the dynamics and functions of any given team are often haphazard at best. We work to change that reality. We package curated content into formative experiences for groups of all shapes and sizes who want better results and a better team culture.

The WinShape Teams Experience

We offer outcome-based programming to effectively match the goals, dynamics, and circumstances of your team. No matter your direction or makeup, our tailored experiences create collective understanding that leads to action and change.

After more than 40 years with Chick-fil-A, Operator Gary Soriano knew he needed to develop his leaders in a new way. That's where WinShape Teams came in to help.
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A Change in Course

Jon Katzenbach, author and leading practitioner of organizational strategies, is quoted as saying: "Cultures are easier to tap into than to change. They don’t change...

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