We exist to build strong, healthy, fulfilling teams that change the world around them.

WinShape Teams was created from the courage and diligence of three young entrepreneurs who were passionate about building teams, inspiring great leaders, and practicing stewardship. Since our formation in 1991, we’ve been redefining conventional team training models and building healthy cultures from the inside out. We now serve over 9,000 clients a year, offering a unique mix of environments and experiences that challenge, educate, and empower.

Our Values

  • Guided By Truth

    We are grounded in truth. We are not interested in chasing trends, but in developing and curating content based on the fundamental principle of serving others.

  • Authentic

    We allow what’s inside to be seen on the outside. Our behavior unapologetically reflects the attitudes and beliefs that are shaping it. We are engaged, and we are present.

  • Growth Always

    We are committed to continuous improvement and reinvention. We are developers of people and who seek to maximize potential.

  • Love One Another

    We believe that love is POWERFUL, from our interactions with each other to the way we treat our guests.

Our Team

Ours is a team of pioneers, creatives, and learners. We have over 25 years of collective experience working with teams, and we understand what makes a team ‘tick’. Our passion fuels our work. With a variety of educational backgrounds, our team members are equipped to design programs that have the capacity to transform teams from good to great and from hurting to healthy.

– Rusty Chadwick
Assistant Director

What Others Are Saying

"Conversations that led to understanding... deliberate actions that produced tangible relationships."

D. Roddy

Chattanooga Police Department

“Everything about being here drives home our goal of full-body leadership… making people better at home and at work.”

K. Manning

Shaw Industries

“I think every business out there is looking for ways to foster growth among their leadership and leadership teams, and WinShape Teams is the perfect choice for that. You come out of that with a new understanding of who you are, who your team is and how you can best work together. It was money well invested.”

G. Soriano

Chick-fil-A EastChase

Safety First

Regardless of the environment – whether indoors or out – safety is a top priority at WinShape Teams.

Our spaces are designed to eliminate distractions so it’s easier for your team to focus on their goals. All of our facilitators are certified by ANSI-ACCT practitioners and receive ongoing training in both group processing and technical skill sets. Our challenge course is maintained and inspected bi-yearly by ACCT Professional Vendor, Signature Research, Inc.

International Relationships

We love to help organizations that have a passion for team development, no matter where they’re located.

WinShape Teams currently partners with several like-minded organizations around the world. Over the last 25 years, we have been active in more than 25 countries, giving our time and resources to develop relationships with organizations that will use our methods and curriculum to impact the teams in their own communities.

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