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Creating Space for Transformation

At WinShape Teams, we believe the best kind of change comes from having space to dream, learn, and gain new perspective. While we help our clients do this every single day, we’ve come to a place where it’s time to create that space for ourselves, too. We believe now is the time to strategically pause and reimagine how we can continue to serve teams and leaders in the most impactful way.

Coming Fall 2024 

As we enter a season to undergo our own transformation and re-imagine, rescope, and re-launch programmatic offerings, we do know we’ll be refocusing our efforts to serve churches and ministries. This better aligns us with the work of the rest of WinShape’s ministries, and we believe serving a more targeted audience will allow us to be more intentional in our approach to team and leader development.


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Humor in the Workplace

A Legacy of Leadership

Since 1991, WinShape Teams has been developing stronger, healthier, more fulfilled teams and leaders. Along the way, we’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of people find greater purpose and clarity in their vocation and calling. It’s been our greatest pleasure to serve in this manner, and we’re excited to reimagine how we can do this in even more focused, intentional ways in the future.

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Is WinShape Teams temporarily shutting down?

No, we’re still operating as usual! We are continuing to execute our existing commitments with clients while temporarily pausing the booking of any additional retreats or coaching services. We believe this pause in taking on additional clients—just for a short season—will give us the space we need to reimagine our programmatic offerings in our refocused future. 

Will WinShape Teams still offer team and leader development in the future?

Yes, we will always be about developing healthy teams and leaders. While we will be dreaming up new and more focused ways of doing that, we are still committed to helping people find purpose and clarity in their work.

When will you re-open client bookings?

To ensure we give ourselves sufficient time to re-imagine, rescope, and re-launch our programmatic offerings, we anticipate opening back up for client bookings in the fall. We will be sharing updates on the timing of that through our monthly newsletter (you can sign up here if you’re not on the list already) and here on our website. Stay tuned—we’ve got lots of exciting things to share in the coming months!

Can you recommend other team/leader development organizations we should consider in the meantime?

We do have several trusted team and leader development organizations we would be happy to connect you with if you’re interested. You can request those here.