Remarkable Service

An experience with WinShape Teams is immensely more than a training program. It’s a unique mix of content, activities and challenges to bring that content to life, a welcoming and comfortable environment, and refreshing service for each and every guest.

We place a high priority on treating our guests with remarkable hospitality, paving the way for authentic transformation to take place. Each moment is brought to life… a fabulous lunch spread (or that perfect snack just when you need it), a well-decorated room, a comfortable and inviting space, maybe even a hand-selected gift.

Where We Serve

Join us in Mount Berry, Georgia, or schedule our team to work with you across the country or across the globe. Whether on-site at our home location or somewhere off-site, we are dedicated to providing a space that best fits the needs of your team and leaders.

WinShape Accomodations

Let our team host yours. At our Mount Berry campus, we strive to create an environment that allows individuals to step away from the day-to-day and step into some defining moments.

Off-Site Venues

If making the trip to our place isn’t the best option for your team, we can come to you. Our team is flexible and prepared to bring the experience to your boardrooms, common areas and grounds. No space in your own office location? We can work with you to find a venue that uniquely serves the needs of your team.