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What We Teach

Chances are...your Retreat experience will include content from either the Leader's Journey or the Team's Toolkit.

Introducing the Leader’s Journey and the Team’s Toolkit

We believe that work happens BEST in a healthy community…which can be nearly impossible when everyone on your team has competing preferences and priorities.

That’s where we come in!

Servant Leadership is at the core of what we teach and has been proven to help teams and leaders step from good to great.

At WinShape Teams, we’re all about creating experiences that transform. However, we know that positive transformation takes time.

Becoming a “Servant Leader” doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we’ve developed two suites of programming content that will equip you wherever you need it most – the Leader’s Journey and the Team’s Toolkit.

We partner with teams and leaders to help navigate their journey towards prioritizing people and purpose.


So…What’s the Difference?

We offer two suites of programming content: the Leader’s Journey and the Team’s Toolkit.

Each suite of programming follows the same structure, including…

✓ 4 Stages

✓ 5 Key Principles per Stage

✓ 3 Best Practices per Key Principle

However, they have two very different purposes. The Leader’s Journey is built for individuals who want to focus on personal development.

Whereas, the Team’s Toolkit is built for groups who want to focus on team development.


Where Does Our Teaching Come From?

First and foremost, our work is guided by timeless, life-giving truth. In fact, “Guided By Truth” is one of our four core values in which we operate.

Second, we source our Servant Leadership principles from known experts on leadership, such as Mark Miller – VP of High-Performance Leadership at Chick-Fil-A, Ken Blanchard, and other reputable thought-leaders. These guys know a thing or two!

Thirdly, we have over 28 years of experience in designing and facilitating experiences that develop people to be more effective and fulfilled in their work. We leverage our learnings from the experiences we create to fine-tune our thoughts and ideas around leadership, teamsmanship, and followership.