The Leader's Journey

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Make a Bet on Leaders

Developing healthy and effective leaders is essential
to developing healthy and effective teams.



We are excited to introduce an updated suite of content from Chick-fil-A’s Vice President of High Performance Leadership, Mark Miller. Experience healthy and effective leadership development by traversing The Leader’s Journey.

Lead Self

Get to the Core of Leadership

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Lead Others

Explore the Fundamental Skills Needed to Serve Others Well

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Lead Teams

Leverage Team Structure to Maximize Performance

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Lead Organizations

Find Organizational Success by Embracing One Central Truth

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Leader Development Opportunities

Free Resources on Leadership

Owning Your Role

Sometimes the responsibilities within certain roles are unclear. Consider these steps to take ownership and bring clarity to your roles at work, home, and other sphere's of influence.

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Failing With Purpose: Failing Forward

What does it mean to fail with purpose? Great leaders share an unshakeable optimism and resilience to learn from their failures. They don't give failure the power to negatively drive the future; instead, they used it to bring clarity to future efforts.

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