The Team's Journey

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Healthy teams are where fulfilling work is done
and meaningful relationships are built.


The Team's Journey | WinShape Teams


A team is like a living organism, constantly growing and changing. Creating and maintaining a healthy team can be challenging, so we take a peek beneath the surface to look at the underlying currents that impact changes in behavior, cohesion, and performance.

The Team’s Journey is designed to meet you at each stage in your team’s life cycle and walk with you through developing, maintaining and maximizing your team.

Team Essentials

Fundamental Skills of a Team

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The Intelligent Team

Better Teammates Make Better Teams

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The Cohesive Team

Five Behaviors of a High Performance Team

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The High Performing Team

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Looking for Leadership Development?

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Free Resources on Healthy Teaming

A Retake On Cultivating Growth

Is investing in the growth of the individuals within a team a top priority? Questions to ask yourself to ensure that your team members are as effective and fulfilled tomorrow as they are today.

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4 Ways to Create Value for Your Team

Great teams are built of individuals who give their best for the collective good; in doing so, they push others to do the same.

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