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Team Development Program

The Intelligent Team

Better teammates make better teams.

The Intelligent Team unpacks the ingredients for developing a healthy team, capable of keeping problems in perspective and bouncing back from setbacks. Discover and understand the relational needs of your team, build stronger connections, work toward results effectively, and become champions for the team as a whole. The outcome? An agile team with focus, unity, and empathy.

The program content introduces the concepts of emotional intelligence (EQ) and combines a DiSC analysis with The Intelligent Team Principles and Best Practices to create a strong, healthy team environment.

*The DiSC Assessment is fundamentally integrated with The Intelligent Team content and is a required component for this experience.
WinShape Teams is a proud Authorized Partner of EVERYTHING DiSC ®, a Wiley Brand.

The Intelligent Team is for:

  • Teams
  • Work Groups

Focused Outcomes


Understand how to best leverage the strengths of the individuals on the team


Pursue deeper connections and have courageous conversations, while working within clearly defined boundaries


Create a culture of alignment and adapting well to change


Learn how to establish and pursue common goals that align with the team's mission

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