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Lead Teams

Step 03 of the 4-stage Leader's Journey

Lead Your Team to High-Performance

Building upon the book “The Secret” of Teams by Mark Miller, Lead Teams examines the essential skills team leaders must possess in order to build and lead high-performing teams.

This program content addresses the recipe for developing teams to have strong communities and bring fulfillment and powerful results.

Lead Teams is for:

  • Anyone who leads a team or multiple teams
  • Leaders of work groups
  • Those seeking to lead a team or multiple teams

Focused Outcomes:

  • Understand and leverage individuals to build teams with strong character, competence, and chemistry
  • Design, measure, and track your own and your team’s goals
  • Harness the experience, wisdom, and creativity of the whole team to perpetuate growth
  • Foster  a community of care, service, and celebration



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