FEBRUARY 10 - 16, 2019


Strengthen yourself as an international practitioner of experiential learning.


WinShape Teams is partnering with Sojourn Adventures to provide an opportunity for you to gather with other Christian Practitioners of Experiential Learning to network, collaborate, and grow.

This event includes a full day of WinShape Teams training on leading teams, a full day experience with Sojourn Adventures, workshops on experiential learning and challenge course technology by Signature Research, and more!

This open space experience will also provide time to share, collaborate, and learn from other practitioners.

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Is this International Summit for you?

If you are a Christian, who works outside of the United States in any field that facilitates learning through activities, this event is for you.  You may be a practitioner in camps, team building, or leadership development, working with children or adults.

Summit Highlights

✓ A full day of Lead Teams programming presented by WinShape Teams

✓ A day trip to Sojourn Adventures and evening experience in Atlanta, GA, presented by Sojourn Adventures

✓ Workshops on facilitating experiential games and challenge course technology, presented by Signature Research

✓ Meaningful and selected workshops presented by you and your colleagues from around the world

✓ Evenings free to network and connect with like-minded organizations

Event Details

February 10 – 16, 2019
(check-in: 3p | check-out: 11a)

Mount Berry, Georgia

Gathering of International Practitioners to Glean from One Another

International Practitioners of Experiential Learning
(Team, Leadership, and Camp Programs for Adults and Children)
Christian-Based Organizations
Experienced and Novices Welcome

Early Bird       $175
After Dec 15  $250

Tickets Include: Scheduled Transportation, Program Sessions,
6 Nights of Cabin Lodging, and Meals at WinShape.

Space is limited. Register Today!

What You'll Learn


Open Space is an effectively proven philosophy that allows participants to influence the direction, content and outcomes of an experience.
We will employ this philosophy to create a learning environment built with minimal pre-planned content, to leave adequate space for attendees to take an active role in their own learning.

We believe that every attendee has something meaningful to contribute, and are asking participants to take responsibility for sharing their expertise to ensure that everyone receives the learning they need.

Every attendee will be asked to come willing to share from their unique experience, skills, and giftings for the benefit of the group. Many attendees will choose to formally share at the event through one of three types of sessions – Presentation, Discussion, or Activity.

More details on this will be provided later, but note that this will be a unique and special time of sharing and growth together.


Focused Outcomes

✓ Christian fellowship and networking amongst like-minded organizations and practitioners

✓ New ideas of experiential learning to take back to your organization

✓ Strengthen your leadership potential for leading teams

✓ Opportunity to share what your organization is doing that is working, helping other ministries around the world
Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions


What is the price of this event and what does it cover?

The price of the International Summit is $250 USD and heavily subsidized, but we are offering an “early bird” price of $175 USD as incentive for registering early.  (The value of the event per person is $850 USD at cost.)  Your fee covers the Sessions, Scheduled Domestic Transportation, Cabin Lodging, and Meals.  You are responsible for airfare to and from Atlanta.


Why is the cost of this International Summit so inexpensive?

WinShape and its partners Sojourn Adventures and Signature Research, Inc. believe in supporting international ministry work in the Experiential Learning field.  We also recognize that the cost of coming to the USA is expensive and want to do everything possible to assist your attendance.

If the cost is still a burden to afford, we do offer full scholarships. You can apply here.


Do you provide scholarships?

Yes! We offer full scholarships to attend for those who are not able to afford the event fee, but airfare is the responsibility of the attendee.  Scholarship submissions should be received by December 10, 2018.  You can apply here.


What is the arrival airport?

You should fly into Atlanta, Georgia’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL).  The first shuttle from the airport leaves at 11:00AM and check-in at WinShape starts at 3:00PM.  The airport is approximately 80 miles (129 kilometers), 2 hours from WinShape.


Do I have to fly into Atlanta, Georgia?

No, you can fly into any airport you choose, but we will only be offering shuttle services out of and to Atlanta’s airport.  If you choose to fly into another airport you will be responsible for transportation to and from WinShape.


What differentiates this International Summit from other conferences?

This event provides an intimate (less than 50 participants) encounter filled with like-minded, Christian practitioners from around the world, where the priority is to fill you up with encouragement, ideas, and a network that you can go back to your ministries to fulfill your mission.


What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential Learning is the process of learning by doing.  It starts with willing participation in an experience.  It’s then followed up by reflection on what was learned, and finally a commitment to apply that learning to future encounters.  Experiential Learning is often used in team and leadership building, using games, initiatives, and ropes/challenge course activities.


What is the schedule?

An online schedule can be found here, and it will be updated throughout the event for you to access.  Each day will start at 8:00AM with breakfast, followed by a devotion, and then continued with sessions throughout the day.  Some sessions have been pre-determined, but majority of the sessions will be selected by the attendees.


Is transportation provided?

Scheduled transportation to and from the airport will be provided.  An email and link asking for travel information and shuttle selection will be provided after registration.  All transportation during the conference for any off site experiences will also be provided.


What are the sleeping arrangements?

Attendees will be lodging in rustic, climate controlled cabins with shared restrooms.  Cabins are furnished with bunk beds, but attendees will only be using bottom bunks.  Bed linens, pillows, blankets, towels, and shower amenities will be provided.  Check-in is at 3:00PM on Sunday, February 10 and check-out is at 11:00AM on Saturday, February 16, 2019.


How should I pack?

Attendees should pack comfortable clothing that allows for activity inside and outside.  Close-toed shoes will be required for some activity.  Weather in Georgia in February can be cold, so warm jackets and gloves are strongly recommended.  Please refer to an online weather forecast site for Mount Berry, Georgia to help you pack appropriately.


Is there Wi-Fi available?

Limited Wi-Fi is available in the main meeting room and office area (lounge).  There is no Wi-Fi available outside.  We will be placing portable hotspots in the cabin area, specifically the common area cabin, but reliability is not guaranteed.


Do you provide Visa Letters?

We can provide Visa Letters upon request.  Please indicate that you would like a Visa Letter when you register and we will get you one as soon as possible.


Do you provide translation?

Unfortunately, we are limited in our ability to provide translation.  We do have a couple of staff on site that can offer limited translation in Spanish only, but you should expect all sessions, communications, and resources to be in English.  It is recommended that participants understand English as a prerequisite to attending or come with a coworker that does and can offer translation as needed.


Who should attend?

If you are a Christian, who works outside of the United States in any field that facilitates learning through activities, this event is for you.  You may be a practitioner in camps, team building, or leadership development, working with children or adults.


Is this a Christian event?

The organizations putting on this International Summit are Christian organizations that work with both Christian and secular groups.  We will be starting each day with a devotion, prayer, and will be discussing Biblical principles throughout the International Summit.  All are welcome.


What is Open Space?

Open Space describes the format of a conference where the majority of the time is “open” to the direction of the attendees, who both request what is to be presented and do the presenting.  Presenting attendees should be prepared to offer a 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute session that is either a presentation, discussion, or activity.  Attendees do not have to present, but are encouraged to come with open hands willing to share what their organization is doing that is working.  Upon registration, individuals interested in presenting will be provided a link that will allow them to submit their session.  The event will also include some pre-prepared sessions offered by the hosts.


What will the sessions look like?

Sessions will be at the discretion of the attending presenter and may be a presentation, discussion, or activity.  See “What is Open Space?” question for more information on the format of this event.  The majority of our sessions will have all attendees present, but at times may include splitting the group into smaller groups, depending on the needs of the attendees.


Do I have to present a workshop?

No, though we encourage everyone to be willing to present a workshop, you do not have to present a workshop.  We do expect all attendees to be responsible for their learning, asking for what they need and seeking it out in their time at the International Summit.


Who is WinShape Teams?

WinShape Teams is one of six ministries of the WinShape Foundation.  Its part in the foundation is to see the redemption of leadership, followership, and teamsmanship through the application of Biblical truth.  We seek to build strong, healthy, fulfilling teams that change the world around them.


Who is Sojourn Adventures?

Sojourn Adventures is a ministry of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  Using experiential learning and challenge ropes course activities, Sojourn comes alongside groups from the community to help them Strengthen their Teams in order to Maximize their Impact.


Who is Signature Research, Inc.?

Signature Research is a full service Challenge Course Company serving clients internationally since 1979.  As a trusted partner of WinShape Teams and Sojourn Adventures that shares our values and interests, we are pleased to feature them in the event.


When does registration close?

Early bird registration at a rate of $175 USD ends December 15, 2018.  Regular registration at a rate of $250 USD ends January 10, 2019.  No registrants will be accepted after January 10, as we will be finalizing logistical preparation at that time.


How many people will be there?

This International Summit is limited to 50 people, including supporting staff.  We want everyone to be able to have genuine connections with all in attendance.


What is your reservation policy?  If I change my mind, can I get a refund or attend a different event?

Our reservation policy states:  All registrations are non-refundable, but are transferable.  If I choose to cancel my registration, I will not receive reimbursement of funds. I will contact WinShape Teams at to inform them of my cancellation and transfer my registration.  You agree to these terms upon registration.


What if I have dietary restrictions or other special needs?

During registration, you can communicate any special accommodations you may require.  If you missed this opportunity or need to adjust your requests, please contact us at


Who do I contact to get more information about this event or if I have questions?

You can contact us at internationalsummit@winshape.og for more information.



[ Airport Shuttles ]

Arrival & Check-in at WinShape

Opening Dinner
Introductions of Organizations

Free Evening




Open Space


Open Space


Optional Climb / Free Evening




Lead Teams Program


Lead Teams Program (continued)


Game Night / Free Evening


Grab-and-Go Breakfast
Leave for Sojourn Adventures

Open Space / Canopy Tour


Canopy Tour / Open Space

Evening Experience in Atlanta, GA

Leave for WinShape
[ Free Evening Upon Arrival ]




Open Space


Open Space


Movie Night / Free Evening




Open Space


Next Steps

Closing Dinner

Bon Fire / Free Evening
[ Airport Shuttles ]


[ Airport Shuttles ]
Grab-and-Go Breakfast

Final Check-Out

What to Pack

Comfortable Casual Clothing for Sessions

[ Jeans and athletic wear are acceptable ]

Jackets, hats, and gloves — we will be outside!

Closed-Toe Athletic Shoes for Activities

Typical Weather in February in Georgia, USA:
High 55ºF (12ºC)
Low 36ºF (2ºC)
with 30% Rain


We will be offering scheduled shuttles from the Atlanta Airport. If you are arriving individually we are located on the Mountain Campus of Berry College
2277 Martha Berry Hwy NW, Mount Berry, GA 30149:

Enter the main gate at Berry College.
Follow signs to WinShape and/or Mountain Campus.
On Mountain Campus, go straight at the 4-way intersection to the WinShape Centre.
Follow signs to WinShape Teams.

Interactive Map

Scholarship applications must be submitted and processed prior to registration.

Meet Your Summit Leaders

Eric Cone, WinShape Teams

Eric knows that for an organization to help build strong teams, it must first have a strong team itself. This mindset has been shaped by more than a decade with WinShape Teams, where he has played in integral part in overseeing and developing programming staff. Eric’s pull toward leadership was cultivated in college and his early post-grad years, with experiences ranging from National Outdoor Leadership School in New Zealand to positions as ropes course facilitator and backcountry guide for both WinShape Teams and Higher Ground USA. Eric also holds multiple organizational and outdoor leadership certifications, which have allowed him to successfully facilitate interactive team experiences over the years. When he’s not leading teams at work or at church, Eric is probably enjoying some down time with his wife, Anna Lauren, and three children, Gabriel, Selah, and Landon. He’s been to more than 40 countries and aspires to visit all seven continents.

About WinShape Teams

Brent Curl, Sojourn Adventures

Brent is a graduate of Berry College and began working full-time with Perimeter Church's Camp & Sports Outreach in 2000. He has 20 years of ropes course experience and a background in numerous outdoor pursuits including rock climbing, hiking, and camping. Brent is a Level 3 Certified Challenge Course Manager through Signature Research, Inc. as well as a certified WildWorks facilitator, and serves as a ropes course trainer for Signature Research, Inc. He currently serves as Director of Sojourn Adventures in addition to overseeing the ropes course, wilderness, rock climbing, zorbing, and laser tag programs for Camp All-American. He has been married to Maranda since 2003 and has five children: Abigail, Elijah, Charli, Benji, and Luci.

About Sojourn Adventures

Space is Limited

What Others Are Saying

"I really liked that we were able to brain storm and integrate our ideas together."

International Summit 2017

"I was able to multiply what I learned from the training with more than 5,000 students, young adults, professors, parents, faculty, and staff from different schools, business, and many other places in Columbia. WinShape Teams is a blessing. My work team has grown from Teams’ example. I have honestly taken 100% advantage of what I learned at the summit."

International Summit 2017

"It impacted me to see people doing the same thing that I do, developing ministries in a non-conventional way in other parts of the world."

International Summit 2017

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