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Virtual sessions filled with practical guidance for teams and leaders

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Use What You Know and Grow


We believe that growth is always possible — necessary, even. For those in-between moments in the “mundane middle,” where you could use a little boost in a specific area, we’re offering a new way to learn and interact with other leaders in an engaging space.

Our online workshops offer a 60-75 minute deep dive into key principles and best practices for teams and leaders — with content straight from our programs — facilitated by our Program Specialists and Consultants. 

Connect the content to your work and life, interact with other participants, and walk away with action steps you can take immediately.


Each session features:

  • A breakdown of the main topic
  • Practical tips
  • Specific examples
  • Helpful resources
  • An interactive element!

Live Workshops

Each online workshop is hosted real time! Those who register and join in live can participate in the conversation, answer polls, and ask questions throughout the session.

Attend live so you can participate!

☝🏼All registered participants will receive a recording of the workshop, plus resources mentioned within the session.

Upcoming Workshops

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