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Creating Community - An Introduction

September 19, 2016
Servant Teamsmanship
Russ Sarratt

I recently had the privilege of participating in a year-long leadership training group organized by our local chamber of commerce. The program is designed to identify future and growing leaders of our community, expose them to all aspects of our community (business, education, quality of life, and more), connect them with other leaders, and hopefully encourage them to take a bigger role in community life. I learned a great deal about the community I have lived in for almost 20 years.

There are many amazing people doing amazing things about which I was unaware. I realized there are many opportunities for us to help solve the pressing needs we face as citizens. I saw how most people want our local community to be a place of opportunity, harmony, success, collaboration, and mutual benefit, even if they have different ideas of how best to achieve those goals. I also walked away with a desire to intentionally invest and give back to my community.

Do you see your team as a community? Would you describe your team’s community as healthy? Have you ever desired for your team to be a place of opportunity, harmony, success, collaboration, and mutual benefit? Have you ever considered how healthy community can supercharge your team’s performance?

At WinShape Teams, we describe a healthy community as a place where people know each other deeply, serve each other willingly, and genuinely care for one another. To help you achieve healthy community life, we will spend the next few weeks looking at five hallmarks of a healthy community; we will present ways you can intentionally and proactively encourage growth in each area. You will learn how a Powerful Purpose will keep your team focused in the same direction and remind you of your reason for being together in the first place.

We will help you see how spending Time Together outside the context of regular interactions can enhance team connections and performance. Together, we’ll explore how Sacrificial Service, both serving each other and serving others alongside each other, will strengthen and energize your team. Through the Challenge to Change, we will focus on the importance of growth as individuals and as a team. We will learn to look for the big and small victories as we encourage Corporate Celebration. We will also address the Perilous Pitfalls that can occur in any community.


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Do you view your team as a community? Are you intentionally and proactively investing time and resources in creating community within your team?

Join me over the coming weeks as we learn how a healthy community looks and some tips on how to make your community strong. Grow Together and Grow Strong!