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The Untold Stories of High-Performing Teams

Teams Made Well

WinShape Teams presents, Teams Made Well: a cinematic journey into the underlying mechanics of high-performing teams from around the world.

Episode 01: For The Team (trailer)

Episode 01: For The Team

Watch the story of Team Avaya, the 7x World Championship Adventure Racing Team from New Zealand. In this documentary, we reveal the difference between a good team and a GREAT team.

What is Teams Made Well?

Since 1991, WinShape Teams has been a trusted resource for team and leader development. We strive to elevate the way people work together by building stronger, healthier, and more fulfilled teams.

In 2019, we launched a brand new video series, known as Teams Made Well, to highlight the inspirational stories of high-performing teams from across the globe.

In this series, we tell the untold stories of Teams…

  • To celebrate what makes them successful and high-performing
  • To reveal the efforts that go unnoticed and unrewarded behind the scenes
  • To highlight the work that happens before the win

How Teams Made Well Can Help You

Teams Made Well is designed to inspire you to team better. That way, purposes are accomplished and people are fulfilled. This series is RICH with exclusive interviews to reveal the inner workings of a high-performing team. We explore a team’s beliefs, cultural norms, dynamics, behaviors, and other factors that impact their ability to achieve their goals. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the very best and emulate what they do to team better. We invite you to lean in and be inspired by Teams Made Well!

Nominate a High-Performing Team

Is there a high-performing team who deserves to be featured in our Teams Made Well series?

We’re looking for high-performing teams who…

  • Demonstrate strong teamsmanship and cultivate healthy team dynamics
  • Win at what they do, accomplish their goals, and produce compelling results
  • Foster a deep, fulfilling sense of community in their team culture
  • Exemplify an unbreakable commitment to their work and to each other

Whether this describes your own team or even a team you follow, we invite you to submit a nomination form! We’re always seeking out the best, most high-performing teams from around the globe. We choose to highlight a new team every year and accept nominations on a rolling basis.

Please fill out the nomination form below ↓

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