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Photo of Adam Waites

Adam Waites

Coordinator, Client Relationships

Meet Adam Waites.

Since much of our time is dedicated to work, Adam Waites believes it is essential to find joy in what we do. He says fulfillment in the workplace comes when we focus our attention on serving others and considering the ways we can bring added value to our teams. According to Adam, those who are motivated to be the change they want to see in their teams are guaranteed to lead transformation, no matter the role they fill.

Genuinely interested in building community, Adam makes an intentional effort to get to know those around him. This natural inclination comes in handy when Adam is serving in his position at WinShape Teams as the Coordinator of Client Relationships. In his role, Adam develops relationships with organizations and gives insight around WinShape Teams’ programmatic offerings — providing recommendations and prescribing the best experiential match for an organization’s culture and a team’s desired development outcomes.

Adam brings years of experience to this role, as he has partnered with companies to identify organizational gaps and meet outstanding needs through creative problem-solving for some time now. He remains curious in conversations to identify the root of teaming challenges in organizations and collaborate with them to build custom solutions that lead to lasting transformation.

When he’s not working, you can find Adam spending time with his wife, Averi, watching the Atlanta Braves knock one out of the park, playing ping pong (He keeps a soft paddle in his car at all times.) or exploring a newfound love for hot sauce — his current favorite is Cholula Original.