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Photo of Averi Waites

Averi Waites

Team Leader, Facilitation

Meet Averi Waites.

Thriving in fun, energetic environments, Averi Waites draws others in with her enthusiasm while supporting, developing and encouraging them to reach their goals at home and work. An empathetic leader, she loves to help clients connect their personal development and growth in the workplace to flourishing in their personal relationships. She believes it is possible for every person to feel fulfilled in the work they accomplish and enjoy teaming with their colleagues. To that end, when leading groups, Averi carves out intentional space for team building and bonding — whether through quality time by the fire, a morning hike or facilitating tough, but vital, conversations.

With an educational background in Anthropology, Averi is passionate about her role as a Team Leader of Facilitation at WinShape Teams where she leads others and delivers experiential learning to aid in leadership and team development for both guests and internal WinShape groups. She coordinates team activities, on the ground and in the air, and then leads groups to process their experiences, connecting these explorations to practical application in their everyday lives. Averi’s excitement and upbeat attitude are only matched by her desire to grow and learn herself.

When she’s not at work, Averi expresses her creativity through interior design, an outlet that allows her to help others discover what they want their homes to be. She also cultivates passions for art history, musical theater and outdoor activities. She and her husband, Adam, live in Rome, GA, with their giant, fluffy dog named Monte — or Butters for short.