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Photo of Bradley Joseph

Bradley Joseph

Lead Facilitator, Programming

Meet Bradley Joseph.

In his role as a Programming Lead Facilitator with WinShape Teams, Bradley Joseph joins together activities and adventure with leadership content to deepen the impact of each individual and group’s experience.

He brings more than a decade of experience working with challenge courses to WinShape Teams. From building and inspecting to training and facilitating, Bradley’s touched every aspect of the field. Along with his experience, he also has his Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Level 2 and Challenge Course Manager certifications.

In addition to his expertise, Bradley also has an uncanny ability to listen to others, a natural bent for leading and a big heart for people. He thrives on helping teams get from point A to point B and loves watching groups discover a new perspective or reach that “aha” moment.

When not pouring himself out to serve and equip others, Bradley enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Tiana, and two children, LB (little Bradley) and Theo.

Fun fact about Bradley? He’s the firstborn American in his family (the rest were born in Haiti).