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Photo of Caleb Griner

Caleb Griner

Lead Facilitator, Programming

Meet Caleb Griner.

With a tremendous heart for stewardship, Caleb Griner believes managing resources and influence begins with self. He says the way that we each carry our past experiences, scars and triumphs impacts not only our personal trajectory but the people around us as well. Caleb is passionate about equipping teams, leaders and individuals with the tools needed to process their experiences, both good and bad, in a healthy way, so that they can effectively guide themselves. He believes that learning how to guide themselves frees individuals to contribute to their teams and make a positive impact on the people they influence and lead.

Along with an educational background in Forestry and Natural Resources, Caleb brings a wealth of experience in adult education and training. In his role as a Lead Facilitator at WinShape Teams, Caleb crafts fun and challenging experiences for guests that provide real-world application. As guests grow in these transformational experiences, they have the chance to learn more about themselves and their teams. They are also given the space to explore how the combination of their unique giftings, personality and skills equips them to make a positive difference in the world around them.

Caleb counts his tenure with Teams as a time of significant personal growth, as he has gained many tools to help him understand the impact of his own experiences and learn from that deeper understanding. He is proud to be part of a team culture that prioritizes continuous personal growth and excellence. When he’s not working with guests, Caleb spends time with his wife and their two-year-old son tending their own mini barnyard of sheep and chickens. As licensed foster parents with the state of Georgia, Caleb and his wife enjoy investing in children who need a helping hand. Caleb also coaches shotgun and archery with Gordon County 4-H in his spare time.