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Photo of Deanna Minch

Deanna Minch

Assistant, Training

Meet Deanna Minch.

A significant amount of people's time is spent at work; that’s why Deanna Minch is so passionate about helping people and teams take the next step in their journey. Knowing that what WinShape Teams does affects more than just the workplace – impacting how people treat their families and engage with their community – motivates her to show up for clients with enthusiasm and carry out her role as Training Assistant.

Deanna graduated from Georgia College & State University (GCSU) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, but the experience that equipped her for her current role began during her freshman year at Berry College, when she started working for the BOLD (Berry Outdoor Leadership Development) program. After transferring to GSCU, she also spent time working at the school’s ropes course. One year after working as a nurse, it was those previous experiences that made Deanna realize she missed the challenge course industry and led her to work for Higher Ground, a faith-based organization that uses adventure to foster growth, before coming to WinShape Teams as a Programming Facilitator.

When she’s not helping leaders and teams grow at WinShape, Deanna can be found hiking with friends, playing board games, camping, and playing the piano. Above all, she enjoys spending her time in ways that help cultivate relationships and meet others’ spiritual and emotional needs.

A fun fact about Deanna? She shares a birthday with the one and only C.S. Lewis.