Eric Cone

Program Manager

Eric knows that for an organization to help build strong teams, it must first have a strong team itself. This mindset has been shaped by more than a decade with WinShape Teams, where he has played in integral part in overseeing and developing programming staff. Eric’s pull toward leadership was cultivated in college and his early post-grad years, with experiences ranging from National Outdoor Leadership School in New Zealand to positions as ropes course facilitator and backcountry guide for both WinShape Teams and Higher Ground USA. Eric also holds multiple organizational and outdoor leadership certifications, which have allowed him to successfully facilitate interactive team experiences over the years.

In his role as Manager of Programming, Eric is focused on leading and overseeing WinShape Teams programming staff, developing a high-performance culture within that team and driving the strategic growth of programming efforts. He spends much of his time coaching, advising and consulting team members and working with cross-functional teams to create clarity across departments. All of this is part of his effort to create a strong, healthy and fulfilling team culture within programming so they can be an example as they lead outside teams toward that same goal.

Eric also serves as the Global Engagement Pastor at Three Rivers Church in Rome, Georgia, where he oversees the continuation and development of strategic global partnerships and leads global engagement, teaching, counseling and coaching.

When he’s not leading teams at work or at church, Eric is probably enjoying some down time with his wife, Anna Lauren, and three children, Gabriel, Selah, and Landon. He’s been to more than 40 countries and aspires to visit all seven continents.

What we do in life, echoes in eternity.

Maximus (Gladiator)

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