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Photo of John Ward

John Ward

Manager, Client Relationships

Meet John Ward.

As a former business owner, missions mobilizer and director of mobilization, John Ward believes that no matter the business you are in you always win with people! A personable servant-leader, he loves working on collaborative teams to achieve shared goals, develop team members and build a thriving team culture.

With an educational background in Broadcasting and Business, John enjoys casting vision and using His God-given creativity to help people see future possibilities. He’s also on a lifelong quest to learn and grow, constantly cultivating curiosity in himself and helping others to do the same. He values relationships and believes that investing in others leads to lasting and impactful partnership opportunities.

In his role as the Manager of Client Relationships at WinShape Teams, John drives both impact and growth by leading efforts to develop organizational partnerships and build client relationships. He counts it a privilege to lead the Client Relationships team, while also managing accounts, developing new business and responding to new partnership possibilities as they arise.

When he’s not working, John enjoys spending time with his wife, Kate, and three sons. He loves endurance sports and is often looking for the next opportunity to go cycling and running.