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Photo of Joseph Cook

Joseph Cook

Manager of Instruction, Programming

Meet Joseph Cook.

Joseph Cook is a teacher at heart who craves adventure, and he brings those passions into his role as a Manager of Instruction for WinShape Teams. His background in a classroom setting has cultivated a teaching style that uses practical, tangible and relational experiences to help bring about a revelation in others. Joseph also brings experience as a firefighter, which allows him to understand the importance of teaming well along with knowing how to transfer learned knowledge to real world environments.

Since joining WinShape Teams as a facilitator in 2017, Joseph has helped not only develop programs but execute them in a way that fosters the building of healthy teams. He also leads, coaches and mentors other program facilitators and instructors, which fulfills a core belief that people were built for community.

Joseph is constantly seeking to build relationships with his fellow team members, because he believes they allow him to better serve and work alongside them. This emphasis on relationships is something he hopes is evident to WinShape Teams’ clients and is something they can then take back to their own organizations and places of work.

Joseph and his wife have two daughters and a golden retriever. When he’s not teaching, he’s probably watching sports or enjoying Rome’s outdoors with a fishing pole in hand.