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Photo of Katie Claxton

Katie Claxton

Specialist, Content Marketing

Meet Katie Claxton.

Katie Claxton believes that where we work and who we work with impacts every aspect of our lives — mental, physical and spiritual. For Katie, a positive impact in the workplace directly correlates to an uptick in every other part of life, which is why she is passionate about positively influencing her own workplace environment and paving the way for others to do the same in her work at WinShape Teams.

She dreams of a day when everyone genuinely loves going to work and has the space to pursue careers that fuel their passions alongside teams and leaders that support them and push them to be their best selves, and she is confident that WinShape Teams is a key catalyst to making that vision a reality.

A self-proclaimed people person with a background in Communications, Katie uses her people-first perspective to understand those around her. With this insight in mind, she crafts creative campaigns that meet audiences where they are, serving not only to support the urgencies of today, but making way for the bright horizons of tomorrow.

In her role as the Content Marketing Specialist, Katie supports the growth of WinShape Teams through content marketing, content production, and online engagement. She brings a wide variety of experience to her work at Teams, ranging from content creation, communications, event planning, social media management, culture development, and philanthropy.

When she's not busy at WinShape Teams, you can find Katie spending time with her family — husband Zach, and sons, Reed and Ridge — catching an Atlanta Braves game, re-watching or re-reading the Harry Potter series, crafting (and enjoying!) the perfect cheese board, or learning more about elephants — her favorite animal.