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Photo of Natalie Pettegrew

Natalie Pettegrew

Team Leader, Training & Development

Meet Natalie Pettegrew.

Natalie Pettegrew is passionate about helping individuals understand their unique competencies and contributions to the team. She enjoys providing leaders with a bird's eye view of their staff along with insight on how the individual strengths of each team member combine to serve the group and move them toward their common goals. A lifelong learner, Natalie loves sharing her own experiences and discoveries with others in relevant and meaningful ways.

With an educational background in Speech Communications and a variety of training and facilitation experience in both corporate and non-profit environments, Natalie began working at WinShape Teams as a Facilitator in January of 2022. In her current role as a Team Leader of Training & Development, she leverages the years of research and experience gathered by Teams in competencies, behaviors, thought processes and attitudes to not only understand the blueprint behind Teams' strengths, but also discover any areas primed for future growth. She creates and curates content for the WinShape Teams staff, aimed at cultivating and maintaining a strong, healthy and fulfilled internal team.

Natalie and her Junior High School sweetheart, Justin, have been married for 28 years. They live in Rome, Georgia, with their two teenagers, Collin and Julia. A native of Minnesota, Natalie and her family also hold fond memories of living in both Chicago and Grand Rapids, Michigan. She calls First Presbyterian Church in Rome her faith family.