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Photo of Nathan Gaydosik

Nathan Gaydosik

Instructor, Programming

Nathan Gaydosik loves adventure, working through a challenge, and growing alongside people in their leadership journeys. He believes that healthy people create healthy teams and is passionate about facilitating conversations and experiences that foster growth.  He counts learning as his greatest strength, so it comes as no surprise that he enjoys helping others thrive in those spaces as well.

Nathan’s role as an Instructor with WinShape Teams allows him to do just that, rally guests toward life and leadership transformation through excellent, impactful and one-of-a-kind growth experiences. With an educational background in Biblical Studies, Human Resource Management, and French, Nathan leverages his facilitating and coaching skills to come alongside guests in collaborative conversations, engaging adventures and supportive relationship.

Nathan and his wife, Blake, love to travel and make memories, especially in countries where Nathan can use his French language skills. As a certified scuba diver, Nathan also enjoys exploring the high seas on their trips. He’s been diving in five different countries and has swam with sharks, seals and sea turtles!