Signal Energy: Building A Leadership Culture

by Jordan Epperson

If there’s one thing Signal Energy wants to be known for,
it’s their people.



Signal Energy is a renewable energy firm with a global portfolio of engineering, procurement, and construction projects. As the renewable energy industry ebbs and flows, companies like Signal Energy often move from project to project, rotating batches of contractors and project managers. It’s a results-driven industry that shuffles through people quickly, and Signal Energy is aiming to change the paradigm.

We want to be about our people, we want to be about serving others and having a servant heart toward what we’re doing,” says Talent Development Specialist Chasie Givens.

In the midst of a growth phase, Chasie Givens, Signal Energy’s Talent Development Specialist, was tasked with developing an internal leadership culture that would attract, develop, and keep talent.

Chasie knew it would be vital to establish a strong culture to uphold the company’s values for healthy and sustainable growth.


“It’s always a good time to pour into your people.
It’s especially good for us now.”


Though her primary focus was to develop the company’s project managers as leaders, Chasie wanted to pour into her people as individuals.

We visited Signal Energy, and got to hear from Chasie about how our Leader Summits helped her accomplish her goals.

Choosing Leader Summits

As a Talent Development Specialist, Chasie sees a lot of training and development opportunities come across her desk.

“We wanted to find a place that brought together quality content as well as the same kind of core principles and focus. [That’s when] WinShape came into the picture.”

Chasie attended a Leader Summit to better understand the scope of the experience, and knew pretty quickly that it would be a good fit. She found that WinShape not only met her goals for Development, but also shared overlapping core values with Signal Energy. She soon returned to a Leader Summit with a group of managers.


Servant Leadership and a Holistic Focus

Chasie felt that adopting a Servant Leadership perspective would provide a good foundation on which to build a strong leadership culture.

She also wanted to build a culture that would encourage others to lead intentionally at work, as well as in other spheres of life.

“They really focus not just on work, but on family and life and friends,” says employee Tanner Knauth.

“I’m really more of a man that likes to drive,” says employee Karl Schadlich. “I like to dive in and really do the work. So taking a moment to step back, pause, and think about enriching others around me and helping build a supporting team…that’s one thing I’ve certainly taken away.”

“They really focus not just on work, but on family and life and friends,” says employee Tanner Knauth.


Time to Reflect

“If we don’t take time to reflect on ourselves, then we’re not going to be aware of how we’re interacting with other people as well as we could be,” says Chasie.

Chasie really wanted to create space for her people to unplug and feel safe to retreat from the day-to-day – to ask questions they wouldn’t otherwise: “What do I believe?” “What am I aiming toward?” “How do I want to get there?”

For Tanner, attending the Leader Summit was an opportunity to “get away from the hustle and bustle of real life and…find peace.”


Fellowship with Others

Chasie really values opportunities for her people to connect with other leaders in other industries.

With a variety of companies represented at their Leader Summit, leaders from several different contexts had the opportunity to share about their leadership experience and talk through ways to apply common principles across industries.


The Beginnings of a Partnership

Following the Signal Energy’s Leader Summit experience, Chasie began to see a shift in the culture and energy at her office.

Chasie is now looking forward to pouring into all of the company’s managers through Leader Summits at WinShape.

“We’re really excited about working with WinShape Teams,” Chasie says. “The experience has been really easy so far; it’s made it easy to start the partnership.”

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