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Teams Made Well: Purposes Accomplished, People Fulfilled

Since 2011, workplace surveys have consistently shown that little more than 30 percent of U.S. employees are engaged in what they currently do. Only 40 percent strongly agree that either their supervisor or someone at work cares about them as a person, unveiling a disconnect at both a personal and professional level.*

At WinShape Teams, we’re committed to see these statistics change through building strong, healthy and fulfilling teams that change the world around them.

We work to shift team narratives from those of disengagement to those of purpose and fulfillment, because we know team environments create ripple effects that move beyond the individual team and into families, marriages and communities.

For one of our own team members, the disengagement that largely defines U.S. employment was a reality that impacted his childhood and pushed him to search for more in his future workplace.

He found that here at WinShape Teams.

Over time, our dedication to cultivate change among teams and their leaders moved us into our own season of transformation. What began as a way to help teams experientially grow and develop evolved into something much deeper over time, something beyond outdoor adventures and challenge courses.

What had become most important was finding a way to combine meaningful content with intentional and engaging experiences that really bring that content to life.

The most notable change was likely that of our name – WinShape Wilderness to WinShape Teams – but the true shift came through in our renewed approached. Today, we use a variety of methods and delivery strategies to best serve the particular needs of each team that comes through our program.

“Our purpose at WinShape Teams is to build strong, healthy, fulfilling teams that change the world around them,” says Rusty Chadwick, Programming.

“We want to see teams who are accomplishing what they set out to accomplish and who are being fulfilled in the process. We want moms and dads who work on teams to go home more fulfilled than when they started the day.”

It’s possible, and it starts with WinShape Teams.


*”State of the American Workplace”. Gallup, February 2017