Ticket Transfer Request

Transfer Your Ticket to Someone Else (aka Substitute)

Want to transfer your ticket to someone else for the same event?

Please submit your transfer request below, at least 7 days prior to the event start date.


Note: This is simply a request to transfer your ticket.

We will notify you once we have confirmed the transfer has taken place.

Summit Ticket Transfer Request

Looking to transfer your ticket to another Summit (aka completely different event)?

If you would like to attend another event, you must first cancel your existing registration and re-register for the new event.

Note: If you cancel 35 days or more in advance of the event start date, you will be charged a $45.00 cancellation fee per ticket and refunded the remaining amount paid. However, cancellation requests received within 35 days of the event will not be reimbursed. Cancel your registration using your confirmation email, or send details to