Kind Words From Our Guests


Guests Who Retreated With Us

“The content and activities easily translated to daily work and leadership experiences.”

A. Pugh


“I think this is the best money we've spent on leadership development yet!”

V. Bales

Chick-fil-A at Centreport

“Conversations that led to understanding... deliberate actions that produced tangible relationships.”

D. Roddy

Chattanooga Police Department

“I think every business out there is looking for ways to foster growth among their leadership and leadership teams, and WinShape Teams is the perfect choice for that. You come out of that with a new understanding of who you are, who your team is and how you can best work together. It was money well invested.”

G. Soriano

Chick-fil-A EastChase

“We couldn’t be more thankful for a time of team building, vision casting, and growth with WinShape Teams.”

J. Dudley

Elevate Live Events

“Almost every one of our leaders that we have brought to WinShape Teams is still on our team, and many of them are flourishing in leadership roles. The members of my team that you have interacted with are much more effective at serving our guests and leading our team, as a result of your influence.”

J. Wynn

CFA at Veterans & College

“Everything about being here drives home our goal of full-body leadership… making people better at home and at work.”

K. Manning

Shaw Industries

“WinShape Teams totally changed my outlook on and standard for 'team activities.' Once again, they take the cake and blow the concept out of the water. It’s the first time ever that I’ve walked away from something like that and actually felt stretched/challenged and not as if I just wasted 30 minutes of my life.”

S. McCloud

Communications Manager

“As a newly formed team, our experience at WinShape Teams definitely got us off to a good start. Having a shared experience where we all learned together helped immensely. We are continuing to learn about each other and growing our trust and confidence in one another.”

T.W. Francescon

Southern Champion Tray, LP

“Absolutely love working with you all. You're always flexible in adapting the day to suit the needs of my groups and accommodating any/all special requests…As always, you are amazing and give me a day that meets all my needs.”


World Vision

“I just can’t say enough about how much I learned without sitting in a classroom all day. I learned about myself and our team. I would HIGHLY recommend WinShape to any team looking to grow. Your commitment to excellence shines through in everything you do.”

O. Hardy

Becton Dickinson

“This was an a incredible experience. I am deeply grateful for the time you spent with us. Every detail was amazing - above and beyond my expectations.”

Brandi D.

Northside UMC Children's Ministry

“Service, food and accommodations were of the highest quality. The space itself was so conducive to unplugging and that was my favorite part of the down time experience. The staff as a whole were always at the ready to help and that is culturally in line with the organization and its partners.”

S. Sons

Keller Williams

“We conducted a Voice of Associate survey last March [with our employees], the same month as our first WinShape Teams event. We did a follow-up pulse survey a year later to assess the changes since the original survey. We realized a 9.3% increase in favorable responses. This is a fairly substantial increase in one year and I'm certain that our partnership with WinShape was a major contributing factor in this increase. Thank you for your investment into our team. The impact is having a ripple effect throughout the organization.”

C. Glover

Becton Dickinson

Leader Summit Guests

“Fantastic content! Hospitality was awesome and secretly revealed the servant leadership that is being taught. Nice to see walking the talk.”

Jon P.

Lead Others @ Mt. Berry

“Great content and activities, especially how the two were tied together for reinforcement. I enjoyed meeting and learning from people outside of my organization - they definitely enriched the experience.”

John G.

Lead Self @ Mt. Berry

“I heard wonderful things about this summit from coworkers and I agree with them that this will impact how we look at being a servant leaders. The staff was outstanding and thank you for the hospitality. I enjoyed every single minute and look forward to coming back to another summit. Thank you for all you do in preparing for this event.”

Todd D.

Lead Self @ Mt. Berry

“The content was great! I learned a lot when it came to physically breaking down these key concepts of leadership. Thank you so much! I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and for the wisdom poured into me this weekend.”

Leah P.

Lead Self @ Dallas

“The presentations were very informative and the activities were enlightening. To be able to connect games and critical thinking skills to leadership and leadership qualities is very eye opening and appreciated.”

Rachel C.

Lead Self @ Dallas

“This was perhaps one of the best training sessions I have ever experienced. I have valuable tools that will help me accomplish and reach my goals as I move towards being a better leader and overall person.”

Dakota H.

Lead Self @ Houston

“All of the activities were awesome and connected with the lessons. Thank you for everything, service was amazing and the whole event was life changing!”

Fanny L.

Lead Self @ Houston

“This was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this life changing retreat.”

Ashley H.

Lead Self @ Mount Berry

“I love the fact that all participants had different backgrounds and careers. Helped with diverse ideas and conversations. Loved this experience!”

Brenna C.

Lead Self @ Mount Berry

“Thank you so much. This has been an incredible retreat to refocus and be encouraged. Building new relationships with like-minded people is very refreshing, but I also had the space to process the information on my own.”

Megan C.

Lead Self @ Mount Berry

“Everyone is so motivational and inspiring. This was such a great experience coming here and I learned a lot. I'll definitely be taking home some new skills and knowledge from this and will share with others.”

Ciara S.

Lead Self @ Orlando

“I LOVED the interactive style that the team brought forth for this summit. It kept me extremely engaged and feeling so blessed to take this opportunity to impact my personal growth. I will prepare to take every step necessary to continue my growth as a servant leader and affect growth positively for those I come in direct contact with.”

Alex S.

Lead Self @ Elizabethtown

“This was an amazing experience and I wouldn't change a thing! The hours correspond to a normal work shift but at the end of the day I don't feel as mentally or physically drained as I would at work. I was still challenged but I was able to invest in learning more and learning how to grow more as a leader. Great atmosphere and the other people were great to interact with! The activities I could definitely apply to different situations and scenarios not only in my work life but also my day to day life which was very nice and exciting. Everybody was great and enthusiastic and energetic and the whole experience was fantastic! I would definitely recommend to everybody and if given another opportunity to do this again I would take the opportunity in a second!”

Bethany W.

Lead Self @ Elizabethtown

“I appreciate all your hard work and helpfulness to make me a better leader in all parts of my life. Thank you!!”

Chelsea A.

Lead Self @ Elizabethtown

“This leadership summit was not what I expected it would be. It exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed it so much and learned lots. Thank you for all the work you did to make it possible.”

Cristina B.

Lead Self @ Elizabethtown

“I was always engaged in the information being provided through the upbeat environment and activities.”

Kaitlyn D.

Lead Self @ Elizabethtown

“This summit has been an amazing experience. The quality of teaching is phenomenal and it's obvious that we are truly cared for.”

Kristen P.

Lead Self @ Elizabethtown

“Everyone and everything was fantastic. I learned so much in these past 2 days it has blown my mind. It's encouraged me to grow and consistently absorb all that I can to become a better leader.”

Nathan B.

Lead Self @ Elizabethtown

“The whole experience was very beneficial to me personally, as it made me focus on some perspectives I haven't thought of before. The staff was over all excellent, friendly, and excited to teach.”

Tim W.

Lead Self @ Elizabethtown

“Boom! Amazing!”

Blake F.

Lead Self @ Charlotte

“This summit was absolutely fantastic! The team here did a great job and I felt welcomed and extremely educated. I already feel growth from just a short two days and am excited to see where this knowledge take me and my team!”

Cara C.

Lead Self @ Indianapolis

“I have absolutely adored this experience. I felt engaged and listened to during the entire summit. Each staff remember was respectful, helpful, and really went the extra mile to serve me.”

Kayla L.

Lead Self @ Indianapolis

“This was such an amazing experience and I have so many takeaways from information to experiences I would like to do with my team in order to develop and grow as a group and organization.”

Staycee B.

Lead Others @ Mount Berry

“I've attended a few leadership conference type of events in the past but this is by far the most influential and worthwhile summit I've ever attended. It was very engaging and educational.”

Jean W.

Lead Self @ Phoenix

“Amazing! I would keep coming to this program to learn more and more.”

M. Grant, Jr.

Lead Self @ Dallas 2017

“The staff is wonderful and very encouraging! You can tell that each one is engaged with each person they meet. They were all so excited to work with us and help us grow!”

Kayla L.

Lead Others @ Indianapolis

“This was one of the best learning environments I've had the pleasure of attending. Between the activities and the lessons, it allowed us to put into practice ideas we had just learned, as well as a 'measuring stick mentality' as in being able to see the progression from one activity to the next. Cant wait for Lead Others!”

Eric D.

Lead Self @ Anaheim

“This was an awesome summit. Probably the best I've attended. Very informative, fun, and interactive!”

Michelle A.

Lead Self @ Anaheim

“Excellent summit. I have gained necessary skills to help me better support my team. I am excited to incorporate the 5 principles in my leadership journey.”

Genie G.

Lead Others @ Baltimore

“This is my second summit this summer. I have been really impressed with the content, organization, and delivery of the Summit experience. Great work.”

Leanna B.

Lead Others @ Baltimore

“Loved this! Super informative and helpful for taking this back to my teams! 1000% recommend.”

Tiffany F.

Lead Others @ Baltimore

International Summit Guests

“I really liked that we were able to brain storm and integrate our ideas together.”

International Summit 2017 [1]

International Summit 2017

“I liked that I was able to see the experiences and skills that other organizations had.”

International Summit 2017 [2]

International Summit 2017

“I was able to multiply what I learned from the training with more than 5,000 students, young adults, professors, parents, faculty, and staff from different schools, business, and many other places in Columbia. WinShape Teams is a blessing. My work team has grown from Teams’ example. I have honestly taken 100% advantage of what I learned at the summit.”

International Summit 2017 [3]

International Summit 2017

“It impacted me to see people doing the same thing that I do, developing ministries in a non-conventional way in other parts of the world.”

International Summit 2017 [4]

International Summit 2017