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Virtual Retreats

An Exclusive Online Experience for You & Your Team

Virtual Retreats for Developing Your Team

We’ve gone virtual! We’re still committed to serving you and your team, even if it can’t be in person.

That’s why we now offer Virtual Retreats. It’s what you’d expect from one of our in-person Retreats, but now delivered to you online, wherever you are.

What is a Virtual Retreat?

Elevate your company’s workplace culture and unify your coworkers around a common purpose! Prepare to develop your team and build community, online.

Since 1991, WinShape Teams has been known for equipping leaders and building high-performing teams. Our recipe combines practical learning with small group discussions and interactive experiences.

Virtual Retreats are made up of two major components:

1. Time Together
Synchronous learning that happens online, in real time, with everyone else. You will get to attend (3) LIVE virtual sessions with our Speakers, Facilitators, and the rest of your team. Each LIVE session is scheduled for 2 hours, once per week. During the LIVE sessions, you will experience:

  • A keynote presentation from our Speakers
  • Online breakout rooms
  • Small group discussions with your team
  • Hands-on, experiential learning
  • Facilitated, problem-solving activities

2. Time on Your Own
Asynchronous learning that happens online, on your schedule, in-between LIVE sessions. We’ll share links to exclusive digital resources via email for you to view, read, watch, and do on your own time for continued learning.

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Why Attend a Virtual Retreat?

Virtual Retreats are an exclusive experience, especially designed and coordinated with you and your team in mind.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of undivided attention from our program hosts, a tailored experience, and quality time to help you and your team focus on growing together.

Virtual Retreats will result in your team being stronger, healthier, and more fulfilled at work.

What You'll Learn: Team Essentials

Team Essentials explores the fundamental dynamics of a healthy culture through the lens of DiSC, a behavioral assessment tool that facilitates improved interpersonal effectiveness in group environments.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Virtual Retreats - WinShape Teams