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In order for teams to be sustainably successful, two things must occur:

The team must be accomplishing its purpose, and the people on the team must be fulfilled. 


Written by our directors, Russ Sarratt and Rusty Chadwick, Team Work outlines a framework for a different kind of team—one where personal excellence and sacrificial service at the individual level changes the narrative of the larger group. This framework is the key to creating success and fulfillment as a team member.

Each chapter in Team Work is grounded in story, offers practical tips and self-reflection questions for team members, and ends with a word for leaders. Throughout the book, Russ and Rusty share relatable tales of both success and failure in how they’ve experienced teamwork themselves, and how they’ve guided and coached teams from around the world to become stronger, healthier, and more fulfilled.

If you need a guide for leading your team and/or for “showing up” well for any team you’re a part of, Team Work will equip you with 13 timeless principles for creating success and fulfillment as a team member. 

A Better Team is Possible.

Create success AND fulfillment on your team.