Virtual Development Experience for Teams

Team Development Experience

Your leader is investing in you!


You are about to walk through a development experience with your team. This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy time together, have meaningful discussion with your team about your team, get inspired about what the future might hold, and engage in dialogue with your leader individually about your specific role on the team.


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It includes everything you need to participate in this experience.

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What To Expect

  • A team meeting request from your leader
  • Pre-work tasks to complete before your team meeting (it’ll be fun… you get to watch a documentary!)
  • Intentional time to dialogue with your team, about your team
  • An individual follow-up conversation with your leader

About This Team Experience

The centerpiece of this experience is For The Team, a documentary about the inspirational story of Team Avaya, 6x World Championship Adventure Racing Team from New Zealand.

They are no doubt one of the most high-performing teams on the planet. As you watch this film, prepare for an endless list of learnings that you can apply to your own team!


Quick Links to Each Step of Your Experience

  1. Download the discussion questions
  2. Watch the documentary: For The Team
  3. Complete your pre-work
  4. Attend your team meeting (and engage in meaningful discussion!)
  5. Check in with your leader one-on-one after the team discussion
  6. Send your feedback

Step-by-Step Instructions for Team Members

☝🏼Before you take any action, read through this entire page to get acquainted with the full experience.

Step 01:

Download the Discussion Questions

By now you should have a team meeting on the calendar, so your first step is to download the questions that your team will discuss during the meeting.

We suggest having them on hand while watching the film so you can take good notes!

Download the Discussion Questions →

Step 02:
Watch the Documentary


The next step is to watch the documentary, For The Team! The film is approximately 40 minutes long, so grab some snacks, settle in, and be prepared to take a few notes as you watch. Remember to look back on the discussion questions as needed.

You may find that watching the documentary more than once will be beneficial as you consider your responses to the questions, because there is just so much to learn from Team Avaya.



Remember to “like” the film on YouTube!

Step 03:
Complete Your Pre-Work

Now that you’ve watched For The Team, write down your answers to the discussion questions.

We encourage you to thoughtfully consider your response to each question and to be honest with your answers. The more effort you put in, the more you will get out of it!


Step 04:
Attend Your Team Meeting

It’s time to engage in meaningful discussion with your team! Have your responses to the discussion questions with you.

Remember during this experience to open up, share willingly, and encourage your fellow team members as they share their thoughts.


Step 05:
Check In With Your Leader


Alright! You have attended what we hope was a meaningful discussion with practical applications that your team has learned from Team Avaya.

The final step in this Virtual Development Experience is to check in with your leader to follow up with any further insights you’d like to share from the experience and ask any questions to gain more clarity.

We believe this follow-up is crucial to your own development. It not only gives you time to process the discussion, but also offers a prime opportunity to connect individually with your leader to understand your role more clearly and how you can best serve your team.


Send Your Feedback

After walking through any form of development, it is beneficial to practice debriefing the experience so you can not only loop back to what you learned, but also to consider further findings like how you interacted with your team during the experience, what you learned about yourself, and how the experience could have gone better.

We would love to hear from you about all of this! What was the experience like for you? How did it benefit your team? What could be improved?

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