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Virtual Summits

An Online Event for Developing Your Leadership

We’ve gone virtual! We’re still committed to serving you and your team, even if it can’t be in person.

That’s why we now offer Virtual Summits. It’s what you’d expect from one of our in-person Summits, but now delivered to you online, wherever you are.


2020 Virtual Summits

All 2020 Virtual Summits have now closed for registration.

Keep an eye out for more WinShape Teams Virtual Summits coming soon!

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What is a Virtual Summit?

Virtual Summits are specially designed to help equip leaders and build high-performing teams. Our recipe combines practical learning with small group discussions and interactive experiences.

Virtual Summits are made up of two major components:

1. Time Together
Synchronous learning that happens online, in real time, with everyone else. You will get to attend (3) LIVE virtual sessions with our Speakers, Facilitators, and other professionals from across the globe. Each LIVE session is scheduled for 2 hours, once per week. During the LIVE sessions, you will experience:

  • A keynote presentation from our Speakers
  • Online breakout rooms
  • Small group discussions with other professionals
  • Hands-on, experiential learning
  • Facilitated, problem-solving activities

2. Time on Your Own
Asynchronous learning that happens online, on your schedule, in-between LIVE sessions. We’ll share links to exclusive digital resources via email for you to view, read, watch, and do on your own time for continued learning.

Keep scrolling ↓ to learn more about why you should attend.

Still not sure what to expect? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions ↓, or contact us for more information!

Prepare to Walk Away With...

✓ 5 key principles & 15 best practices
✓ A digital action plan
✓ A digital journal for self-reflection
✓ A leadership self-assessment
✓ Access to an online network of leaders

Why Attend a Virtual Summit?

Grow Your Leadership

Invest in YOU and become a leader people want to follow.

Since 1991, WinShape Teams has been a trusted resource for developing leaders and teams. We've helped hundreds of teams and leaders transition from good to GREAT.

Summits have been proven to help grow and strengthen individuals. In 2019 alone, 97% of Summit attendees grew in their leadership confidence.

You'll learn the principles of Servant Leadership from our expert staff and consultants. Learn more about what we teach.

Save Money

Our Virtual Summits are more affordable than ever before! Invest in your leader development for a fraction of the cost.

We've lowered the ticket price, so you can worry less about the cost and more about what matters.

A Virtual Summit ticket costs just $99.

For those looking to further enrich their leadership development, you'll have the option to add-on coaching at check out.

Tune in Virtually

A leadership development experience with no travel expenses? Yes, please!

We've gone virtual, so you can join us from wherever you can find an outlet to charge your laptop.

When you can't meet in-person, Virtual Summits are the next best thing!

It's as simple as (1) sign up and (2) attend.

Network with Professionals

At a Virtual Summit, you'll get to network with other professionals  and make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

Discuss real leadership challenges you or others may be facing (and how to solve them) with real leaders from across the globe.

Get Moving

Tired of Zoom fatigue? We are, too. 😫

That's why our Virtual Summits are specially designed to get your blood pumping and your mind turning.

This isn't your typical online "conference" or "webinar" where the speaker talks at you. No, this is a two-way street. Prepare to lean in and get involved.

Our Virtual Summits combine RICH leadership content with hands-on, experiential learning. Expect to be challenged with problem solving activities.

Attendees will enjoy small group breakout sessions to communicate, connect, and collaborate with other leaders.

Experience Second-Mile Service

WinShape Teams is known for its world-class hospitality and second-mile service. Since we can't care for you in person, we are packaging our 30 years of knowledge of team dynamics and hospitality into a Virtual Summit.

We'll make sure you feel cared for, heard, loved, even pampered throughout this leadership development experience.

Access to Digital Resources

We've developed exclusive digital resources to help you get the most out of this experience.

You'll have access to additional reading materials, videos, and more in-between our "LIVE" sessions. That way, you can learn even more on your own time, whenever it's most convenient for you.

Those resources will be sent to you via email before, during, and after the Virtual Summit.

Watch It Again (and again)

Don't miss a beat! We'll deliver all (3) session recordings to you via email, post-event, so you can stay fully engaged during the Virtual Summit.

Have FUN

We've poured countless hours into designing a virtual experience that will keep you engaged and entertained while you learn.

Virtual Summits feature (3) LIVE sessions with our program hosts. As part of your online experience, you'll "breakout" into smaller groups for some hands-on, interactive activities that are sure to give you a good laugh.

Simply put, you’re going to learn a TON, meet a lot of people, and have loads of fun!

Don’t believe us? Just check out our raving testimonials.

Virtual Retreats - WinShape Teams

“Great content and activities, especially how the two were tied together for reinforcement. I enjoyed meeting and learning from people outside of my organization - they definitely enriched the experience.”

John G.

Lead Self @ Mt. Berry

“The staff is wonderful and very encouraging! You can tell that each one is engaged with each person they meet. They were all so excited to work with us and help us grow!”

Kayla L.

Lead Others @ Indianapolis

“This was one of the best learning environments I've had the pleasure of attending. Between the activities and the lessons, it allowed us to put into practice ideas we had just learned, as well as a 'measuring stick mentality' as in being able to see the progression from one activity to the next. Cant wait for Lead Others!”

Eric D.

Lead Self @ Anaheim


I registered, but I haven't seen an email communication come through. What do I do?

Check your junk folder!

All event communication will be delivered directly to the email address you used to register with.

Please whitelist to ensure you don't miss any vital event communication.

Who should attend?

Virtual Summits are designed for:

• Emerging Leaders
• Team Leaders
• Managers

What's included?

A Virtual Summit ticket includes access to:

• (3) LIVE Sessions, hosted online
• Program Self-Assessment
• Digital Leader's Log Guide (PDF)
• Digital Program Summary (PDF)
• Digital Action Plan (PDF)

How do I attend online?

It's as easy as...

(1) Register for a ticket
(2) Click the "Join Now" link!

Don't worry! After you register, we'll send you all of the information you need to join the Virtual Summit online leading up to the event.

If you have a charged laptop and a strong WIFI connection, you'll be good to go!

What should I expect?

> Expect to be fully engaged & present during the LIVE sessions.

> Expect to receive additional reading materials in-between LIVE sessions for continued learning.

> Expect to "breakout" into smaller groups for facilitated discussions, problem solving activities, and more.

> Expect to get up and move around. Our hands-on activities may contain a mild level of physical movement (aka, you won't be sitting in your chair 100% of the time!).

> Expect to talk with other people. In order to fully participate and get the most out of your experience, expect to have your computer camera and microphone turned ON.

> Expect to discuss real leadership challenges you may be facing (and how to solve them) with other leaders.

> Expect to learn a TON on how to lead others well. Our speakers will give you practical tips on how to apply the principles of Servant Leadership.

> Expect to receive WinShape's second-mile service, hospitality, and care, even if we can't serve you in-person.

> Expect to have boat loads of fun in a one-of-a-kind virtual leadership experience!

What is Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning?

Our Virtual Summits feature a unique combination of both Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning environments.

Synchronous Learning happens online, in real time, with everyone else. You will join our Speakers, Facilitators, and all other participants for (3) LIVE sessions.

Asynchronous Learning happens online, on your schedule, in-between our LIVE sessions. We'll send you links to exclusive digital resources via email for you to view, read, watch, and do on your own time.

Is there a dress code?

Dress casually! We know you'll be joining us remotely, so jeans and t-shirts are certainly welcome.

However, please keep in mind that you'll be networking, face-to-face with other professionals from around the globe.

What's the difference between a Virtual Summit and a Virtual Retreat?

Virtual Summits are open-enrollment, out-of-the-box experiences available for everyone. In other words, anyone can sign up!

Virtual Retreats are private experiences that are tailored specially for intact teams. In other words, we'll develop a custom experience, exclusively for you and your team.

Can I attend Virtual Summits via my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you may attend Virtual Summits via your smartphone or tablet. However, you will have limited functionality on a smartphone or tablet.

We *highly* recommend you join via laptop or desktop for the full experience. We'll be using Zoom as our video conferencing software.  You will be able to access all of our LIVE session features via laptop or desktop.

Inquire About a Virtual Retreat, Exclusively for Your Team!

Not seeing what you're looking for? Or maybe these dates don't work. If so, don't fret! Learn more about how we can help develop a custom virtual retreat that works exclusively for you and your team.