We've upgraded our Coaching offerings!
We've upgraded our Coaching offerings!

Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Group Coaching, Coaching Intensives - WinShape Teams

Personalized Guidance from our Certified Coaches


Options include Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Group Coaching, and In-Person Coaching Intensives

Life is too short to figure it out on your own.

Navigating life while trying to balance both your work and home life is difficult.
But you don’t have to settle for “good enough.”
Your dreams are waiting. We can help you make them a reality.

Coaching Options

Which Coaching option is right for you?

Executive Coaching

If you are already on a clear leadership path, but you need an objective ally to serve as a sounding board for important business decisions, someone to help you prioritize your life and work, a leader to accelerate your high potential growth, improve your performance, or even leave your organization in better shape than you found it, you are probably best suited for Executive Coaching.

Virtual sessions or in-person intensives available!

Leadership Coaching

If you are looking for someone to help you chart the path to what’s next, help you answer, “So now what?” or guide you to the next level of your leadership, you might be ready for Leadership Coaching.

Group Coaching

If you are looking for an objective ally to come alongside your team and facilitate meaningful discussion, Group Coaching might be for you.

Our new Group Coaching offering includes a DiSC for Workplace Assessment for each person in the group, and utilizes the power of group discussion, common understanding using a well-regarded behavioral assessment, and the experience and skill of a Senior Coach over the course of six sessions. This offering is for leaders that want expertly-facilitated coaching with their team to tackle common challenges in team dynamics, and improve their goal-setting, communication, team resilience and agility.

Discover the Secret Behind Launching Leaders with 1:1 Coaching

We know it can feel exhausting to try to figure out both your personal and professional life all by yourself. That’s where we can help.

Uncover how coaching can help you and your organization just like it did for David Griffin – a Chick-fil-A Operator in Louisiana. David enlisted the help of the Coaches at WinShape Teams for not only himself but his entire team. The results of that investment helped ensure his people thrived and even flourished in what was one of the hardest years for everyone, 2020.

Embark on a powerful journey of discovery that leads to lasting personal and professional growth.

Whether you’re part of a team or leading one, WinShape Teams Coaching provides considerate, guided direction to help you understand your current reality, where you’re headed and how you can achieve your highest purpose.

Our certified coaches work alongside you to assess your current reality and create a development plan that is personalized to your goals. Gradually, you’ll refine existing skills and build new ones that make you a more impactful person.

We specialize in helping clients develop self-understanding, empower decision-making, gain clarity and confidence, and encourage intentional, purposeful living both at home and in the workplace.