We work to build strong, healthy and fulfilling teams
that change the world around them.

Relational, Not Transactional

Since 1991, we’ve been investing in teams and those who lead them. Our method of experiential learning creates a platform for teams to step out of their comfort zones and into a space where trust, authenticity, and growth can flourish.

We believe that a person’s value is in who they are, not what they do. In everything that we do, we make it our aim to empower individuals and teams to take steps toward healthy culture and community. To us, that is where purposes are accomplished, and people are fulfilled.



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Our Values

Guided By Truth

Our work is guided by time-tested, life-giving truths.

Authenticity... For Real, For Real, For Real

We allow what’s inside to be seen on the outside. Our behavior unapologetically reflects the underlying attitudes and beliefs by which it is shaped.

Growth. Always.

We believe that we are continually transforming as individuals and as an organization. We strive to live in the ‘stretch zone’ where personal growth is cultivated.

Love One Another

We believe that one’s greatest calling is to serve and we believe that love is powerful – from our interactions with each other to the way we serve our clients.

The WinShape Way

Grace-based service that creates space for authentic transformation.


Why WinShape Teams?

"Conversations that led to understanding... deliberate actions that produced tangible relationships."

D. Roddy

Chattanooga Police Department

“Everything about being here drives home our goal of full-body leadership… making people better at home and at work.”

K. Manning

Shaw Industries

"Almost every one of our leaders that we have brought to WinShape Teams is still on our team, and many of them are flourishing in leadership roles. The members of my team that you have interacted with are much more effective at serving our guests and leading our team, as a result of your influence."

J. Wynn

CFA at Veterans & College

We Love Our Clients

Our Relationship With Chick-fil-A

Our Relationship With Chick-fil-A


Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy understood the importance of building a culture where people are fulfilled through meaningful work and relationships. It was his legacy and support that paved the way for the founding and mission of WinShape Teams.

Today we still uphold the values we share with Chick-fil-A, values of servant leadership and healthy teaming. We are proud to maintain a strong relationship with Chick-fil-A and the Cathy Family, as we continuously seek to create and provide transformational experiences for teams and leaders.

Our Thoughts
on Teams and Leaders

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