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Chattanooga Police Department: Walking With a New Team

Perspective of Michael Baskin, new Chief Policy Officer:

Upon being appointed as the Chattanooga Police Department’s (CPD) new Chief Policy Officer, Michael Baskin knew he needed and wanted to do two things: connect and build relationships with his teammates, and gain insight into leadership principles he could apply in his new role.

Enter WinShape Teams.

Because of CPD’s experience with WinShape Teams, Michael had the opportunity to develop relationships with the members of his team, learn how to serve other teams in the department, and plan out specific action steps to take once he returned home. He was also reminded of the importance of casting vision to create alignment of his team, which has since spurred team momentum and collaborative unity toward planning and achieving goals.

For Michael, the takeaways were significant: “Personally, I left motivated, connected to my team, and with a new perspective on personal and organizational growth.”


“Personally, I left motivated, connected to my team, and with a new perspective on personal and organizational growth.”

Perspective of David Roddy, Chief of Police:

Prior to their WinShape Teams experience, David and his team were working to establish relationships and build trust among a large command and executive component of the CPD. The department had recently hired several new officers following internal promotions and saw a need to share perspectives and build their growing team.

Through facilitations and activities, Teams gave David and his co-workers the opportunity to have meaningful conversations that led to an understanding of differing perspectives. The space Teams created for these interactions “sparked deliberate actions and produced tangible relationships” within the department.

As a result of his time with Teams, David was also able to gain insight into how his co-workers thought and felt about certain issues, both professionally and personally. He became encouraged and equipped to prioritize listening to others and seeking to understand the members of his team.

With a new collective understanding, David and his fellow offers now feel better prepared to tackle goals and serve the city of Chattanooga as a cohesive team.


“WinShape Teams truly emphasized and directed me on the importance of listening more than talking.”