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– Leader Summits 2019 Line Up –

We’re hosting events across the country to give leaders
the opportunity to strengthen their leadership.

For aspiring leaders and seasoned leaders.
Learn to use your influence to serve others,
shape your environment, and create a better future.


January 22-24     Lead Self     Mount Berry, GA
March 13-14     Lead Others     Orlando, FL
April 3-5     Lead Others     Mount Berry, GA
April 9-10     Lead Self     Houston, TX
April 11-12     Lead Others     Houston, TX
June 5-6     Lead Others     Indianapolis, IN
June 17-18     Lead Self     Anaheim, CA
June 19-20     Lead Others     Anaheim, CA
July 17-18     Lead Self     Denver, CO
August 21-23     Lead Teams     Mount Berry, GA
August 28-29     Lead Self     Pittsburgh, PA
September 18-19     Lead Others     Baltimore, MD
September 25-27     Lead Self     Mount Berry, GA
October 7-8     Lead Others     Raleigh, NC
November 6-7     Lead Others     Dallas, TX
November 13-15     Lead Others     Mount Berry, GA

– 2018 Dates –


September 12-14     Lead Others     Mount Berry, GA
October 2-3     Lead Self     Phoenix, AZ
October 16-18     Lead Self     Mount Berry, GA
December 12-14     Lead Others     Mount Berry, GA


3 Steps of The Leader's Journey in 2019

Building upon the book “The Heart of Leadership” by Mark Miller, Lead Self strikes at the core of effective leadership, unpacking the five habits of every leader’s most valuable asset -- their character. For new and upcoming leaders.

We believe that teams work best under the guidance of leaders who serve. Building upon the book “The Secret” by co-authors Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller, Lead Others explores the fundamental skills of leading others well. For new and upcoming leaders.

**New in 2019!**

Building upon the book “The Secret of Teams” by Mark Miller, Lead Teams examines the essential skills that team leaders must possess in order to create a strong community on their teams while leading them to high-performance. For leaders of teams and work groups.

Upcoming Events

September 12, 2018

Lead Others: Mt. Berry, Georgia

October 2, 2018

Lead Self: Phoenix, AZ

October 16, 2018

Lead Self: Mt. Berry, Georgia

After more than 40 years with Chick-fil-A, Operator Gary Soriano knew he needed to develop his leaders in a new way. That's where WinShape Teams came in to help.
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What Others are Saying

"Everyone and everything was fantastic. I learned so much in these past 2 days it has blown my mind. It's encouraged me to grow and consistently absorb all that I can to become a better leader."

Nathan B.

Lead Self @ Elizabethtown 2018

"This was perhaps one of the best training sessions I have ever experienced. I have valuable tools that will help me accomplish and reach my goals as I move towards being a better leader and overall person."

Dakota H.

Lead Self @ Houston 2018

“I love the fact that all participants had different backgrounds and careers. Helped with diverse ideas and conversations. Loved this experience!”

Brenna C.

Lead Self @ Mount Berry 2018

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