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WST 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Ideas for Every Teammate!

WinShape Teams' 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

November 21, 2023
Servant Teamsmanship
Katie Claxton

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Believe it or not, the holiday season is officially here! In just a couple of days, people across the country will be joining loved ones around the Thanksgiving table, reflecting on the year’s trials and triumphs and expressing gratitude for all of life’s many blessings. 

As the leftover turkey and the last slices of pumpkin pie are put away Thursday night, the Christmas season will officially be in full swing! Perhaps you’re one who has their Christmas shopping done long before the gifts are exchanged. Or maybe you’re more like me and find yourself frantically wrapping last-minute gifts the night before or paying a little extra for same-day Amazon Prime delivery for a gift for that one person you forgot to add to your list. 😅

Well, friend, let this be the year that you plan ahead and get your Christmas shopping done early! And while you’re making your shopping list, don’t forget to include those special people who you spend more waking time with than anyone else in your life – your coworkers! 

We all have those special people leaders or teammates who bring a little extra joy to the workplace; the coworkers who go above and beyond to make sure that deadlines are met and projects get completed; the colleagues who always seem to have just the right word of advice or who bring the needed humor to a tense meeting or call.

We at WinShape Teams are here to help you find the perfect gift (that won’t break the bank) for the people who make your job a little easier (and way more enjoyable) with our 2023 WST Holiday Gift Guide. Read on for our favorite gift ideas for any type of teammate!

WST 2023 Holiday Gift Guide - presents

WinShape Teams’ 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

For your organized teammate 🗓️

  • A planner – to keep all of their appointments, commitments, meal planning schedules, dates to remember, and anything else they may need in one place.
  • A set of highlighters – so they can color-code said appointments to their heart’s content!
  • Cool stickers – to add to their planner because stickers make everything more fun. 😉

For your creative teammate 🎨

  • A journal – whether they need to get their thoughts to paper the moment inspiration strikes or they love to turn their meeting notes into stunning works of art, this is the perfect solution.

    Pro tip: Be thoughtful about the layout of the pages in the journal you choose. A lined journal will be better for someone who likes to dabble in creative writing or needs to jot down ideas quickly, whereas a blank or dot-grid journal will be better for the artist on your team!

  • A set of their favorite pens – so they’re never without their best tool.
  • Artwork prints – to make their workspace feel more like home and to inspire more creativity!

For your caffeinated teammate ☕️

  • Local craft coffee – to add a new flavor to their rotation.
  • A gift card to their favorite coffee shop – give them a cup of their favorite on you!
  • A travel mug – so they’re never more than an arm’s length away from their favorite beverage no matter where they are. Bonus: they’ll think of you – their favorite coworker – any time they use it!
  • Tea or mushroom coffee – for the coworker who’s looking to kick the habit or cut back on their daily caffeine intake.

For your always-on-the-go teammate 🏃‍♂️

  • One month of Audible – so they can finally start checking off all the books on their “to read when I have time” list without missing a beat!
  • Pin or keychain for their backpack or work bag – to add a fun, personal touch to the essential tool that gets them (and all their stuff) from place to place.
  • Water bottle – so they can stay hydrated no matter where their busy schedule takes them.

For your bookworm teammate 📚

  • A book you think they’d enjoy – if you’re out and about and see something that makes you think of them, grab it! This is a really thoughtful way to support their favorite hobby.
  • Kindle gift card – OR let them pick out their own book, so they can grab that new title they’ve been dying to read – on you!
  • A candle – Honestly, who doesn’t love a nice candle? Candles create a cozy ambiance that’s perfect for reading.
  • Cozy socks – for optimal comfort while they’re binging their next great read.

For your foodie teammate 🍟

  • Their favorite snack – because the quickest way to a foodie’s heart is through their stomach! 😋 And doing a little research to find out their favorites is a thoughtful way to indulge their cravings.
  • Gift card to their favorite breakfast/lunch spot – they’ll appreciate you treating them to their favorite pre-work or mid-day meal.
  • A fun lunch box – or if they prefer to bring their own lunch to work, grab a fun lunch box they’ll enjoy bringing to the office.

For your green thumb teammate 🪴

For your sentimental teammate ❤️

  • An ornament that reminds you of them – each year, when they put the ornament on their Christmas tree, they can take a moment to reflect on your relationship and the great work you do together.
  • Frame for their deskbonus points if you include a fun picture of the two of you, your team, or their family!
  • A handwritten note – sometimes the simplest gifts are the most special. Take some time to write your teammate a note listing the qualities you admire most about them and how much you value and appreciate them.

For any teammate 🤝

Team Work – because the best gift you can give your coworkers is to be the best teammate possible. This book – written by WinShape Teams Directors Russ Sarratt and Rusty Chadwick – details 13 principles to apply in both your work and personal life to ensure that you’re the best teammate and leader that you can possibly be. Pick up a copy for yourself too!

WST 2023 Holiday Gift Guide - teammates

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

We hope you found this 2023 holiday gift guide to be helpful as you prepare to kick off your holiday season! For more like this, check out our previous gift guides from 2022 and 2021.

We here at WinShape Teams would like to wish you and yours a very happy, safe, restful, and fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday! We are thankful for each and every one of you who trust us with the development of yourselves and your teams.

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Treat yourself to the gift of personal development this holiday season!

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 Registration for our 2024 Leadership Retreats is open, and we have a special gift for anyone who registers before the end of this year! When you register for a Leadership Retreat by December 31, you will be sent an Inspire & Ignite Kit (a $75 value) as our gift to you.